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About Omnium Group

Omnium Group is a technology innovator and solutions provider who develops custom platforms, cutting-edge systems and tool suites for commercial, not-for-profit and governmental organizations. Our marketing intelligence and solutions empower marketing, branding and advertising managers with tools that reduce their costs and locate new revenue streams. Our proprietary analytics engines and demographic overlays deliver deep insights into your customer base. Our vision is to achieve global technology leadership in providing proprietary and simple solutions across synergistic mediums and markets.

Omnium offers clients its expertise in the fields of technology, media, advertising, energy, financial and government sectors.  We currently maintain alliances with leaders in enterprise solutions, financial market intelligence, data mining, energy monitoring, advertising inventory optimization, social media, and government contract capture.   These relationships help to provide our clients with customized solutions needed to influence business growth.

Our Offices
4737 North Ocean Drive
Suite 221
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308