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Custom Web-based Medical Billing Software

We work with you to build custom web-based billing software keeping you on top of payer coding rules changes. We help you ensure only clean, up-to-date claims are submitted.  Additionally, we work with you to create custom scrubbing processes to enhance the data integrity and guarantee first pass claim acceptance.

Electronic Medical Records

We leverage open source technologies to dramatically reduce the cost of your electronic medical record systems, prescription writing, and medical billing application.  Omnium can integrate OCR, voice recognition, cross platforms such as mobile and iPADs and any other requested interfaces.  Utilize cutting edge technology to empower your health platforms.

Web-based Medical Practice Management Software

We offer web based medical billing software packages that are customized to your needs.  Our customers are able to manage their entire medical practice from a web based browser.  Additionally, you can leverage proprietary technology and processes to capture patient demographics, schedule appointments, maintain lists of insurance payers, perform billing tasks and generate reports.  We work with you to create a phase pricing approach so that you can scale your business.