Sector: Proximity Intelligence is a game changing proximity intelligence © technology for the local community.  The platform provides gps/address-level proximity rankings that empower business intelligence tools, local optimization platforms, roi predictors and smart media buying.  We literally show you what people see standing right inside of a particular store or within proximity of that location, be it two feet outside the store, down the street, or miles away.  There is no company today that has the capability to scale a mobile simulation platform across every address in the world with our level of accuracy.


Sector: Ad Tech, Crowd-sourcing

Monogogo automated media kits empower your team with tools to capture new clients and grow your revenue through custom media opportunities. The Mongogo platform blends cost effective technology with our super smart crowd sourced team. Our proprietary Omnium Group powered platforms and technologies empower our clients with valuable insights and proven results.


Sector: Ad Tech, Mobile / Social / Digital Media

Mr. Gister is an auto summary technology that highlights a gist of an article. Our summary engine identifies and outputs statistically important sentences of articles. The crawler and highlighting engine are constantly updating and swapping out news articles in real time. Mr. Gister's data is fed to plugins of popular content management systems such as Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal. The website embeds our feeds as part of the page which are then picked up by major search engines.

Omnium Sciences

Sector: Protoyping, Research and Development

Omnium Sciences specializes in the research and development of cutting edge hardware and software technologies. Our team of mechanical, software and electrical engineers empower Omnium Sciences with confidence to tackle the most daunting technical hurdles.