Program Management

  • Project Assessments
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Transition Management Consulting

Project Assessments


  • Develop evaluation
  • User experience evaluation
  • Effectiveness assessment
  • Efficiency assessment
  • Process evaluation
  • Software evaluation
  • Identification of single point of contact


  • Identify and understand industry users
  • See the competitive landscape more clearly
  • Better evaluate and seize business opportunities

Project Management Consulting


  • Problem definition - project charter
  • Objective clarification - project objective statement
  • Scope/deliverables identification - Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Time-sequenced task scheduling and critical path identification
  • Critical Path Methodology (CPM)
  • Controls for facilitating communication; risk/issue management; quality management; performance management; scope, schedule and cost control
  • Web-enabled, centralized project reporting mechanisms for program, project and team collaboration; task monitoring; resource allocation; time/performance reporting
  • Quality reviews for milestone/deliverable completion and acceptance


  • Timeliness in project/product delivery
  • Achievement of defined quality/performance standards
  • Delivery within approved budget

Transition Management Consulting


  • Change readiness assessment
  • Risk management consulting
  • Communications management consulting
  • Crisis management consulting
  • Training
  • Identification of a single point of contact


  • Knowledge and operational continuity during technology transitions
  • Mitigation of risks associated with technology change
  • More effective communication and collaboration through change-management training