Rapid Prototyping

Omnium Sciences specializes in the research and development of new technologies with a focus primarily in the energy, automotive, telecommunications, government and security industries.  Our product development and launch firm blends technology and business strategy to ensure that your investments are being tried iteratively against proven business models and to budget.


Rapid Prototyping Process

Phase 1: Idea Generation

We work with you to analyze the market opportunities and consumer trends.  The goal of this phase is to determine the novelty of your idea.


Phase 2: Idea Screening

Once the concept is clearly defined we work with you to eliminate unsound concepts prior to devoting resources to them.


Phase 3: Concept Development and Testing

We work with you to determine the target market and to identify the value of your product.  At this phase we begin to perform high level patent searches and will conduct surveys with sample customers.


Phase 4: Business Analysis

At this phase we dive deeper into your business potential.  We will forecast likely selling prices and sales volumes.


Phase 5: Beta Testing and Marketing Testing

In certain instances we will advise you to produce a prototype and will test your product in typical usage situations.  We may conduct focus groups and will produce an initial run of the product.


Phase 6: Partner Identification and Commercialization

We will work with you to identify natural partners of your idea.  We will work with those partners to launch the product and will fill the distribution pipeline with your product.